Kitchen Dining Room Ideas: Making the Most of a Kitchen Dining Room Combo

Don’t have room for a more formal dining room? No problem. Just because your dining room shares a space with your kitchen doesn’t mean both areas can’t be functional, stylish, and well-designed. In today’s interior design blog, we discuss kitchen dining room ideas for making the most of your kitchen dining room combo.

What is a Kitchen Dining Room Combo?

Generally speaking, a kitchen dining room combo is a room in a home that serves a dual purpose as both the kitchen and the dining room. Often, kitchen and dining rooms are combined as a space saver in small homes and apartments or a result of a more open floor plan concept. In some homes and apartments, the dining room might also be combined with the living room, or if it’s part of a studio apartment, there might not be any architectural distinction between the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom.

Kitchen Dining Room Furniture Ideas

When it comes to decorating a kitchen dining room combo, the first thing you need to consider is the furniture—starting with finding the perfect dining room table. In addition to finding functional pieces that meet your kitchen and dining room needs, you’ll also need to make sure the pieces properly fit in the space. Here are some of our favorite small kitchen table ideas to help take advantage of a room serving as both the kitchen and dining room.

Stick with a Kitchen Island

Especially if you’re dealing with a small kitchen that also has to function as a dining room, it might make the most sense to choose a kitchen island instead of more traditional dining room sets. What makes kitchen islands so great is that they can effortlessly serve multiple purposes, including extra counter space when preparing an ambitious dinner or as a dining table where your family can gather to eat the delicious food you prepared. Kitchen islands also work great as space for your child do their homework where they can easily ask you questions while you cook or as a designated workspace when working remotely.