Large Living Room Ideas to Try in Your Home

Looking for large living room ideas for your home? In today’s blog, we discuss how to decorate a large living room so that it feels cozy, functional, and stylish.

Choose Oversized Furniture

Furniture scale is incredibly important when decorating your living room. When decorating a large living room, you’ll want to choose large or oversized furniture pieces. Oversized furniture is one of our favorite large living room ideas because it makes the room feel cozy and comfortable. Try utilizing extra-large sectional sofas with a chaise lounge, large coffee tables, and other furniture pieces that take up more space and make the room feel full and functional.

Float Your Furniture

Looking for large living room layout ideas? Try floating your furniture away from the wall. Not only does floating furniture create better traffic flow for your living room, but it also can create a space that feels cozy, intimate, and intentional. Plus, floating your furniture automatically creates distinct zones, which can be especially helpful now as we try to make our space serve multiple purposes.

Divide the Room

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to adjust the way they use the space in their home. Visually dividing the room is one of our favorite large living room ideas, not just because it makes the room feel cozier, but because it allows you to better adjust your space to your needs. Think about how you might use the room. If, for example, you find yourself working from home, creating a small remote workspace in your large living room can help fill the room and create a functional space to use.