Service statement

The unique specialty that I offer is the combined expert handling of architectural design and development from conception to completion. I am a licensed California general contractor, a certified member of the American Society of Interior Designers and a certified graduate of the National Council of Interior Designers Qualifications.

I have designed and built a number of homes in the Los Angeles area, and have executed the projects from inception through design and construction for many clients over the past 20 years. I am skillful regarding the study and submittal of geological reports, and building and safety processes, such as variances, permits, zoning and plan check. I am well versed with all documentation and legal processes necessary for the creation of agreements, schedules, billing invoices, ordering processes and proper file maintenance.

I have completed the interior design of numerous homes and offices, which included interior furnishings, fabrics, drapery design and installation, surface finishes, lighting design, furniture design and construction. I adjust my services to each clients needs. I very precisely create and adapt to each clients taste and lifestyle. I have worked with various job and design styles from classic to contemporary.

Most recently, my career has grown to include the creative styling of Studio and theme sets. These particular jobs are designed within a particular theme or period of time (era). This type of work is crucially tied to budgeting and scheduling which are also major factors in any design or construction job.