Interior Design Rules: Function Over Form

We’ve all seen houses that look more like magazine spreads than places where real people actually live. One look at the kitchen quickly tells you that no one ever cooks there. While aesthetics are important, one of the most important interior design rules is to prioritize function over form.

Function Over Form Meaning

The term function over form comes from the architectural principle “form follows function,” which means that the shape of the building should primarily relate to its intended function. In interior design, function over form means prioritizing how you will use the room or piece of furniture over how it looks.

Function Over Form Example

Imagine decorating a small living room. Perhaps, you’ve found a beautiful, modern couch that you love. However, if you buy that specific couch, there will be no room for an additional loveseat. If one of the primary functions of your living room is entertaining guests, and the “perfect” modern couch prevents you from fitting additional seating, that specific couch is not the right fit for that room.

How to Prioritize Function Over Form in Design

Wondering how to prioritize function over form when decorating your home? These interior design tips can help you get started.