How Star Furniture Revolutionized the Mattress Buying Experience

For many people, the question of where to buy a mattress feels like a fairly low stakes decision. There’s plenty of mattress stores that feature great prices and a great selection, not to mention the fact that you can now easily buy a mattress online. But not all mattress stores are created equal. In fact, Star Furniture & Mattress stores throughout Texas have completely revolutionized the mattress buying experience with you, the consumer, in mind.

The Most Comfortable Mattress Experience in Texas Explained

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a big box mattress store with aggressive lighting, overwhelming options, and pushy salespeople with ulterior motives. That’s not how we do things at Star. When we boast the most comfortable mattress shopping experience in Texas, we mean it. Here’s what makes up the Star experience.

A Relaxing Atmosphere

At Star Furniture & Mattress, we’re not just about comfortable mattresses, we’re about a comfortable mattress buying experience. One step inside will show you how different we are. Instead of bright, intrusive lighting, the lights are dim, and the walls are covered, not in price stickers, but with a giant projection wall that plays relaxing videos.

Intentional Layout, Patient Salespeople

Our layout is clear and intentional, and our mattress salespeople are knowledgeable and patient—never pushy. Rather than doing things the way they’ve always been done, we recognized that the old model wasn’t working, which, aside from convenience, is why so many people end up buying mattresses online. But mattresses are like jeans, you can only get so much from a review. You need to try them on for size or else you could end up with something that will never fit right.